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febrero 10, 2019 / lasletrasescritas


At last I have been able to gather all my publications.
Tired but happy and, why not, proud of having achieved it.
All my literary works, novels, short stories, plays, stories and book reviews, have originally seen the light in my language that is Spanish. There are some works translated into German, French, Italian and Portuguese, but mostly it has been English, the beautiful language of Shakespeare, which wins in quantity.
Then I leave here the link to my author page on Amazon, there you have the creations available in both traditional version and kindle / electronic reading.
Appreciating, as always, patience and attention, receive a cordial greeting.

Al fin he podido reunir todas mis publicaciones.
Cansada pero contenta y, por qué no, algo orgullosa de haberlo conseguido.
Todos mis trabajos literarios, novelas, relatos breves, obras de teatro, cuentos y críticas de libros, han visto la luz originalmente en mi idioma que es el español. Hay algunas obras traducidas al Alemán, al Francés, al Italiano y al Portugués, pero mayoritariamente ha sido el Inglés, la hermosa lengua de Shakespeare, la que gana en cantidad.
A continuación dejo aquí el enlace de mi página de autora en Amazon, allí tenéis disponibles las creaciones tanto en versión tradicional como en kindle/lectura electrónica.
Agradeciendo, como siempre, la paciencia y atención, recibid un cordialísimo saludo.

febrero 4, 2019 / lasletrasescritas


Published in Amazon, on paper and also as electronic reading, PASSION FOR ENIGMAS, is a novel that I have just translated into English from the original written in my language that is Spanish.
Perhaps more than the description I can make of the book, it is convenient to put the synopsis here:
“With a marked character, Beatrice, the main protagonist of the novel, is a current woman who by force of many studies has acquired a solid education.
Lacking family, the young woman lives with resignation the many hardships afflicting the world youth.
The scarcity of work and the social disdain for training against the privilege of a few have led she to consider emigration as an alternative, but after much reflection on the matter and to conscientious accounts of the meagre patrimony of which he still has, he opts to resist waiting for better times and waiting for the economy of the country improve and people who are really well prepared are needed.
Unfortunately for Beatrice, in case there was little the burden to carry, from the absolute reserve someone is determined to frustrate the natural flow of things and the thoughtful resolution of the young woman.
In the existence of Beatrice are introduced absurd riches that for any other person would be irresistible but at she, educated with rigor and practical and realistic sense, they are more an incomprehensible threat than an enrichment and therefore they are abhorrent for her.
“Passion for enigmas”, has seven chapters, with a brief enunciation and a subtler subtitle, in which we will find the walk-through life by Beatrice.”
Book and kindle

I hope that if you want to read the story you will enjoy the enigmas that Beatrice is presented with, a modern woman who has her priorities clear.
Receive my thanks for the patience and attention and also an affectionate greeting.

enero 29, 2019 / lasletrasescritas

AFTER THIRTY YEARS, novel sci-fi

Translated into English from my language that is Spanish, AFTER THIRTY YEARS, the novel that I present today focuses on the technical advances that we are almost about to achieve.
Amazon Book and kindle Sci-Fi
In the plot I have combined History and the future, man always It is the same, but as the great philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset affirmed: “Man is him and his circumstance”.
Available on Amazon as a paperback and kindle, I hope that if you to read the sci-fi story be of your liking.
Thanks for your attention.
An affectionate greeting

enero 23, 2019 / lasletrasescritas


Now, the image is complete.
All my books are at your disposal at Amazon which is the origin, as at Barnes & Noble and more distributors.
If you like to read electronically, cheer! , you will also find the writings in the modern and useful version.
I go back to plunging into writing and I tell you again, grateful for the patience and attention, see you soon.

P.D.:In the photography: Hubby * En la fotografía: Mi esposo.
Ahora sí, la imagen está completa.
Todos mis libros están a vuestra disposición en Amazon, que es el origen, como en Barnes & Noble y más distribuidores.
Si os gusta leer electrónicamente,¡ánimo! , también hallaréis los escritos en la moderna y útil versión.
Vuelvo a zambullirme en la escritura y os digo de nuevo, agradecida por la paciencia y atención, hasta pronto.

enero 18, 2019 / lasletrasescritas


I approach the blog an exciting image, that of my literary creatures printed on paper.
There are still three titles left in the photograph to complete the set, but I am very happy to share this one today.
Good weekend.
An affectionate greeting
Literature, Literatura
Acerco al blog una ilusionante imagen, la de mis criaturas literarias impresas en papel.
Todavía faltan tres títulos en la fotografía para completar el conjunto, pero, me hace feliz compartir esta hoy.
Buen fin de semana.
Un afectuoso saludo.

enero 16, 2019 / lasletrasescritas


It has been fifteen beautiful days since it began 2019.
I hope that throughout the year your dreams and hopes will be fulfilled.
For my part, I’m still in the literary gap, with a new work, a novel that will take me a long time to conclude.
See you soon, and, do not forget to try to be happy.
An affectionate greeting.
Deutsche, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Portugues
Han transcurrido quince hermosos días desde que comenzó 2019.
Espero que a lo largo del año vayan cumpliéndose vuestras ilusiones y anhelos.
Por mi parte, sigo en la brecha literaria, con un nuevo trabajo,una novela que me llevará bastante tiempo concluir.
Hasta pronto, y, no os olvidéis de intentar ser felices.
Un afectuoso saludo.

enero 10, 2019 / lasletrasescritas

STEEL SAILS, theater

We are already deeply involved in 2019 and full of illusion, I can present the play titled: STEEL SAILS.
Amazon, paperback and kindle

Synopsis STEEL SAILS, theater:
“Some decisions made at a time in life, due to lack of experience or reflection, bring to the human being unforeseen consequences for their entire existence, sometimes the results are successful, in most cases, in one way or another, painful.
In this play, which takes place in a dentist’s clinic, we can follow some examples of the previously mentioned through the six characters that participate in it and, as happens in the reality, they are all important.”
Thank you very much for the patience and attention.
I wish that 2019 will be favorable and benevolent with all of us, friends.
Best regards.