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noviembre 19, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


Step by WordPress to share with you the address of my profile on Twitter.
I hope you enjoy going there.
Receive a cordial greeting and best wishes for this month of November that has already exceeded half.
See you soon
Paso por WordPress para compartir con vosotr@s la dirección de mi perfil en Twitter.
Espero que os agrade pasar por allí.
Recibid un cordial saludo y mis mejores deseos para este mes de Noviembre que ya ha sobrepasado la mitad.
Hasta pronto

noviembre 7, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


November has started
We hope that the Muses deign to appear and the literary works flow with inspiration and simplicity.
While the end of the writing that I am carrying arrives ahead, I leave here an affectionate greeting.
Literature, Literatura
Ha comenzado Noviembre.
Esperemos que Las Musas se dignen aparecer y los trabajos literarios fluyan con inspiración y sencillez.
Mientras llega o no llega el final del escrito que llevo entre manos, recibid un afectuoso saludo.

octubre 29, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


I keep writing, but I do not want to stop congratulating you all and wish you have a happy Halloween holiday or All Saints Day, according to the traditions you celebrate, friends of WorPress; the important thing is to enjoy and have fun with friends and family.
An affectionate greeting
Sigo escribiendo, pero no quiero dejar de felicitarlos a todos y desear que tengáis un feliz día de Halloween o de Todos los Santos, según las tradiciones que festejéis, amigas y amigos de WorPress; lo importante es disfrutar y pasarlos bien con las amistades y la familia.
Un afectuoso saludo.

octubre 23, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


After the translations of the theater, I start a new and exciting stage in writing.
I have to distance myself a bit from social networks, concentration is demanding in that, and I hope that soon I will come back here in this WordPress blog that is so dear to me and that it is titled, do not forget it: lasletrasescritas
Receive my gratitude for the patience and attention and an affectionate greeting.
Amazon, kindle/lecturas electrónicas, book/libro
Después de culminar la traducción al inglés de todas mis obras de teatro comienzo un nuevo e ilusionante camino en la Literatura.
He de despedirme temporalmente de las redes sociales, la concentración no es negociable y hay que estar al máximo en la labor de escribir.
Espero volver pronto por aquí, por este blog de WordPress cuyo título os recuerdo: lasletrasescritas.
Recibid mi agradecimiento más sincero por la paciencia y atención y un afectuoso saludo.

octubre 20, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


A few days have passed since the last entry published in WordPress and I am here again with another news that I am very excited to share on the blog “lasletrasescritas”.
UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE, is the last work of my theater that I needed to translate into English. Achieved!
I hope that if you want to read about the subjects of the six characters, and you go through Amazon to paperback or download the electronic format/ Kindle, you will have a satisfactory and pleasant reading.
I can only tell you that the deck of a ship is the stage on which the work takes place.
Thanks for the patience and attention.
Receive an affectionate greeting.
Theater, Amazon, Paperback, Kindle

octubre 17, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


Here again to give you a news that I am very excited to share in WordPress.
The theater THE SIRENS NO LONGER SING has just appeared, it is available in digital version and also in paperback.
If you want to read it I leave the link to Amazon.
Receive an affectionate and grateful greeting.
Theater Book and kindle Amazon

septiembre 25, 2018 / lasletrasescritas


Just two weeks ago I said goodbye, today, I bring news: now available, A name: DORITA ORDEN.
Amazon. Book and kindle
If you want to go through the link and read the trilogy that makes up the book, I hope it is to your liking.
With this novelty, I return to writing and the temporary withdrawal and silence.
You have to follow the path, friends of WordPress, I hope that your journey is placid and it only remains for me to leave an affectionate greeting for all.

Water for the pilgrim